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A selection of press articles on the Palais de Lomé

“We envisioned what would become the uniqueness of the Palais de Lomé among West African cultural institutions – it is a place that not only showcases contemporary art but also combines art and culture with design and biodiversity.”

“Togo’s Palais De Lome, once home to German and French colonial rulers, is now home to modern pan-African art.”, Al-Jazeera

“Infinity retrospective exhibition celebrates West African design talent Kossi Aguessy” – Dezeen

“The project has transformed the site from a symbol of Togo’s fraught colonial legacy to a beautiful, contemporary public space.” Wallpaper Magazine

“The Palais de Lomé’s x factor is the unique draw in the lush city of Lomé as well as the spotlight on biodiversity.” – The Art Newspaper

“7 West African Institutions Animating the Region’s Contemporary Art Scene” – Artsy

“For the first time in its history, this place where power was exercised will be open to the general public so that they can discover its rich historical, cultural, and environmental heritage.” – Art Forum

“For the Togolese, the Palais de Lomé has already become a symbol of pride. The beautifully restored Palais de Lomé stands as an open invitation to everyone to visit this tiny country.” – New African

“Nel Togo riapre il postcoloniale Palais de Lomé” – Il Giornale dell arte

“Live from Lomé, Togo, to discover the Palais de Lomé, a unique museum and cultural center in West Africa” – France 24

“Is the Palais de Lomé revolutionizing the models of art centers?” – Nothing But The Wax

“The Palais de Lomé reopens and aims to be the new palace of West African culture” – Jeune Afrique

“Togo: the Palais de Lomé, now a museum to reconcile memories” – Le Point

“Lomé: new life for the Governors’ Palace” – RFI

“Restitution is important but it is not essential’: the African museums building a homegrown cultural revival” – The Art newspaper

“An ambitious project of cultural reappropriation” – Le Figaro

“This new art center aims to showcase the Togolese culture as well as to develop local tourism” – Connaissance des Arts

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