Togo of the Kings

Celebrating the past while anchoring it in the contemporary present, the Togo of the Kings allows the visitor to discover the history of Togo in its unity and variety, highlighting its regional anchorage in West Africa.

Spread over 400 m2, this exhibition plunges the visitor into a lively and immersive journey. Both playful and documented, it plays on the dramatization of the kingdoms and civilizations that marked the history of the country until its independence in 1960.

Most of these artefacts have never before left their original territory. Their current owners gave special permission for artefacts to be displayed in public in the interest of sharing national heritage with as many people as possible. The content of the exhibition is enriched by talks from contemporary visual artists, photographers and filmmakers, such as Sokey Edorh, Kodjo Wornanu and Louis Vincent.

Togo of the Kings focuses on these artefacts and their journey, offering a unique occasion to share little-documented traces of heritage “to celebrate past imaginaries, their enduring presence, and their projection into the future of a constantly evolving nation.” (Kangni Alem, writer and co-curator  of the exhibition).

Curators: Kangni Alem, Gaëtan Noussouglo

Scenography: Franck Houndegla, Sophie Schenck, Péroline Gonçalves, Arsène Younang

Collector: Gaëtan Noussouglo