Prepare your visit

Visitor guidelines

Due to the current health situation and following the mandate from the Togolese government, the Palais de Lomé has closed its doors to the public until further notice.

We hope to see you at the Palais de Lomé as soon as possible. 

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We do our utmost to ensure an enjoyable experience for our visitors at the Palais de Lomé. We invite you to read the rules and regulations for visiting the Palais de Lomé. 

Protection of biodiversity

The Park of the Palais de Lomé is rich in several plant species that are rare or endangered in Togo. We ask our visitors to respect the place: it is strictly forbidden to leave behind rubbish and to pick plants. 


It is forbidden to enter with alcoholic beverages and food in general. Picnics in the Park are not permitted.

Photo and video reporting

Photos for personal use are allowed in the Park. For any professional shooting or video reports, please contact the communication department of the Palais de Lomé. 

Visitors are not allowed to bring drones into the Park.

No image (photo or video) may be distributed, reproduced, sold or used for commercial or institutional purposes without the prior authorization of the Palais de Lomé.

In order to protect the works of art in the exhibition galleries, the taking of photos or videos is prohibited in certain areas of the Palais de Lomé. The guides will inform visitors where it is possible to take pictures.

If you need visuals for the press, do not hesitate to contact our communication team.

General rules

Pets are not allowed.
Touching works of art is not allowed; the guides will inform visitors in cases where it is possible to touch certain works of art.