Our Project

“Reinventing natural and historical heritage to foster creative talents in Africa” – a single sentence that embodies the full scope of our project’s ambition. Located on the seafront, the Palais de Lomé is the result of the transformation of the former palace of the German and then French governors into a cultural leisure and park facility open to the public. Once a symbol of power, the former Palais des Gouverneurs and its adjoining park have been restored and transformed to become the Palais de Lomé – a unique public space that celebrates the rich and diverse cultures of Africa and its diasporas. 

The project was born of the determination of His Excellency Mr Faure E. Gnassingbé, the President of the Togolese Republic, to open the Palais to the Togolese people so that they can claim back their cultural heritage and draw inspiration from it. Today the former colonial building has severed ties with its past of exclusion to present the best of Togolese and African creativity.

This project, with an international ambition and funded by the Togolese state, showcases the vitality and diversity of national and pan-African cultural works, ranging from sculpture and design to new media, across the various exhibition spaces and in the Park of the Palais. The pillars of the project are: 

  • to promote culture, including artistic, culinary, scientific or technical
  • to preserve and share the richness of an exceptional environmental space in the heart of the capital
  • to be part of the education of future generations
  • take up the challenge of environmental education, raise awareness of biodiversity and introduce young generations to our cultures.
  • and to participate in the development of Togo’s economy and tourism sector.

The Palais includes a 26-acre botanical park and exhibition areas. A bookstore and two restaurants, including a gastronomic one, are among our future plans. . The Park will offer musical entertainment, live shows (dance, theatre, storytelling, shows by stilt-walkers or puppeteers) and will host talks, masterclasses and literary cafés.

We offer cultural and scientific activities adapted to a diverse public.

Thanks to educational programs for students of all ages, the Palais de Lomé and its Park contribute to raising  cultural and artistic awareness and  to introducing young people to the importance of biodiversity.