The Palais de Lomé is a unique cultural experience, thanks to our dynamic programming. Accompanied by our bilingual (English-French) cultural mediators, the visits provide an immersive experience that spans  history and modernity and art and biodiversity. Strolls are punctuated with activities and games, to discover the exhibitions, the architecture and history of the palace, or the biodiversity of the Park.

For individual visitors, visits take place from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm. Group visits are by reservation only. Please contact us at least 14 days in advance to book your visit. We offer different formulas of visits tailored to our diverse audience: 

  • self-guided tours,
  • personalized guided tours,
  • group guided tours,
  • and educational tours for pupils and students.

Our cultural mediators speak French, English and Togolese local languages.

Visit the Park 

A visit to the Park is a sensory walk through the different landscapes of Togo, from South to North, from the sandy coastline to the grassy savannah, through the enchanted forest. It will be used as a support for educational activities, both for awareness-raising activities for young people and for more specialized audiences (scientists, botanical amateurs, ornithologists).

Special visits (coming soon)

The Palais proposes and organizes on request special tours and tourist or thematic trips outside the walls, in the Togolese regions, for the local, regional and international public who wish to enrich the experience of their visit to the Palais and learn more about Togo.

Contact us on to discover the condition of access.