Lomé + takes a simultaneously historical and poetic approach to deliver an uncompromising point of view on the Togolese capital.The exhibition will allow visitors to explore Lomé, past, present, and future.

They will dive into the multiplicity of the origins of the capital city and journey to the present with the video triptych These imminent impossibilities by Elom 20ce, before considering the city’s future at the end of the exhibition by reflecting on the idea of a smart city. The scenography allows visitors to cross paths with guest artists such as Do Kokou, an iconic filmmaker and photographer documenting the memories and sounds of Lomé, Atchou, a rising material designer, Kokou Nouavi, who created an installation in alo fiber (the tree the city was named after), and Silvia Rosi, with her installation Sihin.

Archive footage, postcards, video, and audio archive, installations, and immersive devices will help shed light on Lomé’s urban potential and its challenges, from 1890 to 2050.

A digital experience

The exhibition will offer several digital experiences with Paul Ayhi’s Cave and PLUS application.

Paul Ayhi’s Cave is a treasure hunt game for young and teenage audiences in an immersive device integrating augmented reality. Children explore a cave covered with the layout of the city of Lomé, in search of fragments of works by Paul Ahyi. It is an opportunity to explore the city and discover the works of the most iconic Togolese artist, Paul Ahyi (1930 – 2010), who designed several works in Lomé (including various bas-reliefs sculptures and statues).

Download the virtual guide of the exhibition! (available on playstore only)

The mobile application PLUS is the digital guide of the Lomé + exhibition. It allows you to virtually explore the show and interact with the works during your visit on site.

In the “People” section of the app, you can also discover, locate and connect with Lomé’s cultural actors, activists and influencers (food, lifestyle, tech, fashion, arts, concept, community).

Guests: Pierrick Chabi, Do Kokou, Elom 20ce, Kokou Nouavi, Silvia Rosi

With the support of the GIZ